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What Is SEO & Why Is It Important?

Why work on the natural referencing of your marketing content ? Do we really need to write optimized articles ? What is the real importance of SEO?

Even if we talk about it a lot, SEO is not yet an obvious reflex when it comes to producing web content. An SME entrepreneur whose business is not in the business will not have de facto all the cards in hand to evaluate the benefits. And the jargon that some people serve them doesn’t help.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques designed to optimize the natural referencing of a website, as described on It is to be distinguished from SEA (Search Engine Advertising), in other words advertising on search engines, via AdWords, for example.


Arguments against the creation of optimized websites or articles

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"Quality over SEO"

In reality, SEO is not in opposition with a quality approach, quite the contrary. A well optimized website may well reflect a wide range of professional expertise.

"There is no point in using SEO"

Strategies, of course, fail sometimes. Just because your SEO has not succeeded once does not mean that it is not important for your content marketing.

"My industry is too competitive"

Whatever the professional field, and if the first page seems impossible to reach with a generic term, a good SEO strategy will include positioning on long tail expressions...

Importance of keywords for SEO

Identifying the right keywords

Keywords are essential when linking content to a winning SEO strategy. They are search terms that your target customers are likely to use to find you on the Internet. Before you start writing web content, it is important to list, analyze and compare them to determine which ones are best. Contrary to what this term implies, a keyword is not always composed of only one word. It can be a sentence or an expression and is the foundation of your SEO content strategy.


SEO techniques

Keyword positioning

Once you have identified your keywords, you must develop your content around them. You must ensure that they are strategically placed.

Heading tag

It’s the first element the user will be confronted with following his/her Web search. Think about what you want it to mean and write it accordingly.

The URL: an integral part of your SEO

It’s a link that allows you to access a web page. It must be part of your SEO strategy and is just as important as the title tag and meta description.

It's all about content after all!

Content quality is the key!

Content authenticity and credibility


SEO content allows in part, to be indexed by search engines and to capture the attention of the public by the correct use of keywords. If the content of your title, meta description and URL is relevant, it is a good start. However, you still have to develop all the content for your website.

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SEO content: a continuous process

The process of optimizing a website is an ongoing process. By creating new content frequently, you ensure that you are in the spotlight of search engines. Blogs are a good way to do this. They allow you to produce content on a regular basis and encourage your visitors to visit you again, as you provide them with relevant information that meets their needs. In addition, blogs allow you to increase your site’s traffic and, potentially, turn these visitors into loyal customers.

SEO, what are the stakes?

By optimizing and improving your SEO, you would directly increase your visibility, the traffic of your website but especially your revenues.