Factors Considered when Selecting Irrigation Systems The process of providing water to dry lands is known as irrigation. This is so that plants get to germinate well. The type of irrigation system chosen is determined by a variety of factors. The types of plants being irrigated is one of the factors. For plants using a lot of water, people should go for irrigation systems which allow flow of water. Flood irrigation is used for plants such as rice. The roots of these plants can breathe in muddy places. Too much water does not therefore destroy them. People also need to consider the lands topography. If the place is down a hill, water can flow naturally via gravity. The water is made available to all plants. If the place is uphill, there is need to use force in getting the water to the plants. Generators are therefore used to pump water to them. For flat lands, water gets to flow freely. In order that people get to identify the best irrigation method, they should study the topography of the land. this will save them the trouble of having to replace the irrigation systems. People also need to put into consideration the amount of water they have for irrigation. People can choose flood irrigation if they have a lot of water to use. This is especially so when the water is derived from various sources of water. Drip irrigation is used in cases of a little water available. This is to prevent wastage of the available water. Costs that would otherwise be spent on water are therefore saved.

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A person should as well valuate the amount of capital they have to spend on irrigation. There are equipment that need to be bought in order to have the irrigation systems working. People should therefore ensure that they know the amount of money required to have the irrigation systems working. There should be selection of irrigation systems that are affordable but applicable to the owners. This ensures that they have their plants growing well. It also ensures that they get to maintain them well.

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The maintenance costs of the irrigation systems should also be looked into. In case the irrigation systems get damaged, people should find ways of replacing them in time.Ways of replacing damaged irrigation systems should be found fast. They will therefore continue serving them. It is important to clean them regularly so that they get to work well. There should also be replacement of pipes from time to time to prevent water from leaking thus going to waste. There are many types of irrigation systems available for people to select from. People should always ensure that they go for the most suitable type of irrigation for them. irrigation should be applied so that dry lands are well utilized. There will be more land put under crops. There is also increased food productivity as a result.