Search engine optimization works perfectly for online business if the right strategies and tactics are in play. Whether you are starting out or a seasoned marketer, you need to familiarize yourself with the truths and myths that exist in regards to the SEO topic. Ignoring such might lead to using strategies that could end up hurting your efforts. It’s true that search engine algorithms keep changing, and you will need SEO expert advice to move with new developments. Here are some SEO myths debunked:

Keyword Density Is Enough

It used to be the norm to rely on keywords to work the magic. The trick was to provide content and garnish it with many keywords. Today, your SEO cannot rely on old methods if you want to get top ranking. If you over-optimize your content the wrong way, there is likelihood that search engines will ignore your page. Too many keywords will not provide the best user experience. Remember, you can only do so much with optimized keywords and succeed if it’s done naturally.

Images and Videos Don’t Help

Today, images and videos contribute a great deal when you want a superb rank. When combined, they deliver a superior user experience that can lead to your page becoming an authority site. It’s crucial to note that potential customers will click out of a page that offers endless content with nothing to spice up their imagination. When you have images, or infographics, it compels your audience to stay a little longer thus decreasing the bounce rates.

It’s All about Number One Ranking

Online business owners are at times fixated on getting the number one ranking spot at the expense of other useful strategies. You are likely to come across SEO gurus who promise the top spot. You need to know that it’s possible, but it isn’t everything. You had better concentrate on viable ways to drive more traffic, improve engagement and boost conversion rates. The number one spot has its benefits but it shouldn’t be the only focus.

More Webpages Means Better Ranking

If you have a web outlet, and you want to beat the competition, you are likely to opt for many websites to increase your chances of ranking well. However, you need to know that it’s more about quality than quantity. It’s okay to link up your site with other pages, but you need to know that they will only be relevant if they add value. Poorly-designed sites that are optimized sites may not increase your website’s visibility.