SEO development is different based on a customer’s goals and expectations. For those businesses whose transactions will be conducted more on a local scale, the SEO is different because there needs to be a focus on a different set of keywords. Although each SEO developer will have their own methods and sets of keywords, there should be a few consistencies between each developer who focuses on local SEO. This article will focus on the geographical aspects involved in local SEO

#1: There Should Be Never Be A Use Of Broad Terms In Local SEO

To better explain this point, let us take the example of a florist shop small business based in New York City. It would be a terrible idea to aim for the keywords of “Florist Shops In New York City” for two reasons: 1) It is too broad and probably a set of keywords that other florist shops in NYC will be aiming for as well and 2) potential customers who live in Queens or Long Island will probably not make the trip all the way to the Bronx or even Manhattan to go to a florist shop. As a small business, you should always be realistic about the demographic you are going after and make sure you tailor your SEO efforts accordingly. As a general rule, local SEO should never use broad terms.

#2: Instead, Focus On Specific Geographical Terms That Speak To The Specific Area The Business Is Located In

A better set of terms to aim for would be a set of terms that speak to the specific region or neighborhood of the borough involved. For example, if a florist shop is located in Jackson Heights, it is best to aim for terms that either focus on Jackson Heights or neighborhoods around Jackson Heights. It is especially advisable to aim for neighborhoods or areas around the location of the business if your business type is not located in those areas. For example, if there were no florist shops located in neighborhoods that border Jackson Heights, you could aim for keywords that hit those areas as well. The key here is to devote time and research into finding which business types exist in which areas where so you can aim for the best set of terms.